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Europe opens in the red-check out the FTSE 100 this morning

Yesterday the FTSE 100 rebounded close to 8k once more. The high seen was set at 7,990 and it later closed 38 points higher, at 7,975. The day before the FTSE 100 had dipped below 7,890. Well it has given back all those recent gains on the opening a moment ago. The FTSE 100 kicked off the final session of the week, effectively below 7,900 again. That lower opening comes even as Oil prices surge, but it is worth noting; this is not just about oil prices right now and basic resource stocks are under pressure again this morning and equity markets more generally are falling for entirely different reasons, which have already been covered here. The outlook right now does not look too positive in the short-term ahead of the weekend either. That might change, but right at this minute it seems more likely to deteriorate further. The FTSE 100 is currently trading at 7,892

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