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EUR/JPY slips from yet another fresh 15 year high

Yesterday the rebound in the USD/JPY and resilience in the EUR/USD at the same time, delivered another push to fresh 2023 highs for the EUR/JPY. The cross pushed past 164 for the first time since 2008 and later closed in the US at 164.20, after reaching 164.23. The Euro has dropped back since then earlier today, to as low as 163.84 so far. However, it is back above 164 as I write this update and as you can see this dynamic trend is very much intact again this morning. This is supporting the EUR/USD and although off its recent highs, the continued flow into the EUR/JPY is propping up the Euro versus the dollar, where more often that might not always be the case. The EUR/JPY is just now trading at 164.06

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