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EUR/JPY lifts to new 15 year highs

As noted here a little earlier this morning, the push to new 2023 highs in the USD/JPY has been helped by more of the same in the EUR/JPY. This cross has now lifted above 162 for the first time since August 2008. The EUR/JPY had closed on Friday at 161.93 and it has reached fresh highs as I write this update, lifting to 162.27. As also covered here last week,  was a note to mention, that there really is nothing in the way of technical resistance this side of the July 2008 high, at 169.96. Of course that is a long way off still, but there is nothing to be seen here to pin this down ahead of that level. That is not to say it will get up there of course. The low seen earlier today was set at 161.71. The EUR/JPY is currently trading at 162.26

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