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Dow Jones/Nasdaq 100 divergence at play again

The divergence between the tech sector and the cyclical recovery sector has been in evidence in many session recently and commented on here many times too. That is as investment flow heads more to the Dow Jones and cyclical stocks at the expense of the Nasdaq 100 and tech. So, yesterday we saw that in evidence once more, as the Nasdaq 100 led the losses into the close. The Dow Jones did come off its earlier low at 36,029, but was still unable to avoid a modestly lower close, when ending the session 41 points lower, at 36,204. The Nasdaq 100 on the other hand, closed 157 points lower, at 15,839, but that close was considerably better than the low seen earlier in the day, when the index fell to 15,695. However, the Nasdaq 100 futures are in the red this morning and currently pricing a reopening at 15,770 

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