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Dow Jones wins back 34k for the US close

It was not looking too good for the major US stock markets yesterday afternoon, but a rebound that kicked off right after the 4pm London FX saw all the indexes recover. That recovery lasted into the close. The Dow Jones, which had been leading the downside after the opening, rebounded from a session low at 33,780 to as high as 34,017 ahead of the close. That close actually saw the index end the day above 34k. The close was set at 34,006. However, overnight the Dow Jones futures are falling again, as the Asian markets are pretty much all in the red this morning and the dollar remains close to its recent highs. Once again it is the Nikkei 225 that has led the downside for the Asian equity markets so far. The Dow Jones future is currently pricing a reopening at around 33,890 

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