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Dow Jones will not ignore important US data due out later today

The Dow Jones was the best performing major US stock market index yesterday. The Dow managed to brush aside a lower opening, at 37,566 and recover from a session low at 35,495. It later closed at 37,715, which was just 25 points above the annual close on December 31, at 37,689. So, there was clearly some divergence between the Dow and the Nasdaq 100 and cyclical and tech stocks. Right now the Dow Jones futures are not much changed in terms of the opening outlook and that opening will come ahead of some important US economic data this afternoon, at 3pm GMT. We have the December ISM manufacturing index and the November JOLTS, job openings report. There will be more to add on the outlook for those later today, because they could set the tone for the close this evening

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