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Dow Jones straddling 36k after setting technically negative reversal yesterday

As mentioned earlier this morning, it was a set of lower closes on Wall Street last night. The Dow Jones managed to avoid a daily close below 36k though, when ending the session at 36,054, with a loss of 70 points on the day. However it did reverse lower, from what was a new 2023 high, at 36,292. That said, the index did not breach that 36k level, with the low set at 36,024. However, it is at risk of doing that today. Earlier the futures were pricing a reopening close to 35,975, but right now they are flirting with that 36k level. I would be very surprised, given the current dynamics, if the index did not see more of a correction today, having set in place an outside day reversal, from what was a new 2023 high. That is a very similar configuration to what we saw play out in gold earlier in the week, although by no means as poignant in terms of it being set from an all time record high. 

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