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Dow Jones stalls into the weekly close

On Friday the Dow Jones was unable to set a higher daily close, but it did manage to post a record weekly close, but only just, when it closed at 38,671. The index had closed on February 2 at 38,654. So, despite setting a new opening record, at 38,731, the index was not able to advance beyond the current record high set on Thursday, at 38,755, because it topped out immediately at 38,734. There was also a clear divergence between the Dow and the Nasdaq 100 and even gains for Microsoft and Apple (the 2 tech giants in the Dow) were not able to keep pace with the broader tech sector on Friday. Overnight the Dow Jones have edged a little lower, but in percentage terms the moves are very slight so far today. The Dow Jones is currently priced to reopen later today at around 38,660

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