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Dow Jones stalls above 35k for a third day in a row

On Friday all the major US stock markets limped to a rather unimpressive close. The Dow Jones closed just 1.81 points higher (+0.01%), at 34,947, but it had traded above 35k again earlier in the session. The high seen was set at 35,028, narrowly surpassing previous intraday high, at 35,022 and down from the high on Thursday, at 35,051.So, the index had yet another opportunity to post a daily (and weekly) close above 35k, but not the will it seems. The S+P 500 and the Nasdaq 100 did not fare much better either. The Nasdaq 100 closed just 4 points higher (+0.03%) and the S+P 500 closed 5 points higher (+ 0.13%) . I think it is probably fair to say there was clearly some Thanks Giving holiday inertia at play here, remembering the US markets will be closed this Thursday, with only a half day for most markets on Friday. So, it seems that US players might already gearing down for long holiday weekend at the end of this week. The Asian markets are mixed today, with losses in Japan and gains in China and all the US equity futures are modestly lower ahead of the European opening. The Dow Jones futures are currently pricing a reopening at around 34,920 

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