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Dow Jones set to reopen above 39,800 shortly

The Dow Jones was by some margin the best performing major US stock market index yesterday. That was covered here much earlier today, when noting the index piled on 477 points yesterday, to close at 39,760. The reader is also reminded once again of the all time record high for the Dow, at 39,889. Right now the index is set to reopen above 39,800 and so clearly within striking distance of that record. It remains to be seen, if it will set a new record today. Unlike the most of the European markets, US stock markets will be trading tomorrow and again on Monday. There will be limited coverage here from the Quick News, but it will be very limited on both days. The Dow Jones futures are currently pricing the opening today at around 39,815 with a few minutes to go before live trading resumes 

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