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Dow Jones rally above 35k stalls again as US stocks limp home

Yesterday the major US stock markets all limped home to a rather unimpressive and slightly lower close. In percentage terms the S+P 500 was the weakest , with a 0.20% decline, followed by the Dow Jones, with a loss of 0.16%. In relative terms the Nasdaq 100 performed best of all, with a 0.13% decline. So, as you can see, it was a consistent set of lower closes and one that did see a lack of momentum ahead of the monthly close on Thursday. However, the Dow Jones futures are a little higher this morning, currently pricing a reopening at around 35,370. The index closed 56 points lower last night, at 35,333. The Asian markets are mixed this morning, with losses in Japan and Hong Kong being offset by slight gains in mainland China amid a dearth of fresh news. 

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