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Dow Jones the outlier in the green right now this afternoon

If you look across the US and European equity market indexes you will see one thing that stands out like a sore thumb and that is the fact that only one major index is in the green right now and that is the Dow Jones. All the major European stock markets are in the red. Even the FTSE 100 is under pressure right now. The Nasdaq 100 and the S+P 500 are lower too, whereas the Dow is pushing above 37,900. Naturally this might all change when the Fed delivers their policy statement this evening. No one expects any change from the Fed this evening and that is almost a certainty, but it is not about the rate itself, it is all about what language accompanies the decision. That is due act 6pm GMT and then at 6.30pm GMT the Fed boss, Jerome Powell will attempt to explain to the press and the likes of you and me just what he is, or is not thinking right now. Updates will follow here around those events, but for now that is it from the Quick news. The Dow Jones is just now trading at 37,915

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