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Dow Jones now set to reopen above 35k but can it hold that into the weekly close?

The push higher across the European equity markets and US futures has now extended further. The DAX is now above 15,925. That comes as the dollar faces further pressure across the majors. Even the GBP/USD has rebounded back above its pre-retail sales high. The EUR/USD is lifting back closer, towards the 1.09 handle as those US yields remain under pressure. So, the Dow Jones, which failed to post a close yesterday above 35k, is currently set to reopen above that level this afternoon. Now of course there is some while to go before live US trading resumes and so the current outlook might change. However, currently the Dow Jones futures are pricing a reopening at around 35,050. Even if the Dow opens above 35k today, it might be another thing as to whether it can close above there ahead of the weekend

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