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Dow Jones narrowly avoids defeat

Yesterday an update here noted the reopening of the Dow Jones and how it immediately pressed to a new all time record high, at 37,384. Well, it did back off from there initially before having another stab on the topside, next time rising to 37,393, but once again the move blew out and it dropped back into the close, falling to 37,284, before later closing less than 1 point higher, at 37,306. So, it narrowly avoided any kind of outside day reversal after earlier opening at a record opening high of 37,330. Had it closed below 37,305 then it might have been a different story, but from a technical perspective it was not. So, overnight the Dow Jones futures have chopped and changed around that 37,300 level and are currently not far removed from where the index closed last night, currently indicating a reopening for later, at around 37,315

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