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Dow Jones makes history above 37k as US yields hammered

The US treasury yields are now falling even more, following the comments from the Fed boss, Jerome Powell. The Fed boss has really surprised the markets, as I just noted in the previous update, by now talking about Fed rate cuts. This is music to the ears of the US equity markets and as much as the dollar is crumbling right now, the equity market bulls are charging into stocks. The Dow Jones has now reached a new all time high above 36,952. The index just traded at 37,007. The Nasdaq loves these lower treasury yields too. The US 2 year yield is now lower by more than 0.25% on the day and that is one heck of a move by any measure. Hence, the Nasdaq 100 has risen above 16,560 this evening. The Dow Jones is currently trading at 36,995

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