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Dow Jones leads the way as US stocks rise into the Thanks Giving break

Yesterday all the major US stock market indexes closed higher. The best performing index on the session was the Dow Jones, with a 0.53% gain, followed by the Nasdaq 100 (+0.43%) and the S+P 500 (+0.41%). The Dow put on 184 points, closing at 35,273 and further consolidated its break above 35k. The high seen on the session was set at 35,315 and it never came close to testing the 35k level either, with the session low at 35,155. Overnight the Asian markets have been pretty subdued, with Japan closed, but the vista out there has been positive, with virtually all markets closing higher. The news from China continues to endorse what was said here earlier in the week and just now headlines from China have allegedly pledged unprecedented support for the property sector there. That has lifted the Yuan and helped the equity space too. That has in turn helped to lift the Dow Jones futures off earlier session lows and right now the opening for tomorrow is being priced just above where the index closed last night 

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