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Dow Jones leads lower US stock market closes

Once again in percentage terms it was the Dow Jones that underperformed yesterday into the close. However, this time all the major US stock markets ended the session in the red. The Dow Jones closed 0.41% lower, shedding 162 points, to close at 39,313. As noted earlier in the day, the index failed to get above where it had closed on Friday, at 39,475. The high seen yesterday was set at 39,430. The low was set at 39,296. Overnight the Dow Jones futures are a little higher, but we are talking about very contained moves at this stage of the morning. The Asian markets have been mixed so far today and gains in Hong Kong have been offset by a rather tepid lower close for the Nikkei 225. The markets appear to be gearing down for the month end and the Easter break here in Europe. The Dow Jones is currently pricing a reopening for later today, at around 39,350 

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