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Dow Jones leads higher US closes

From the very start of the US equity trading session yesterday, the Dow Jones was in pole position and it remained like that all the way till the close. The Dow lead the US gains, closing at 38,773, rising by 348 points on the session. The early gains came as the dollar and yields fell back. However, even as the dollar and yields recovered, US stocks still forged ahead. Overnight the HANG SENG has led the gains in Asia, but the mainland Chinese markets (apart from Hong Kong) have remained closed until next week. The Nikkei 225 has come to within a whisker of its 1989 highs, but more on that later. However, the Dow Jones futures are lower this morning, as the dollar and US yields rebound somewhat. So, right now ahead of the wider European market reopening, the Dow Jones futures are pricing a lower opening for later today, currently at around 38,700 

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