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The Dow Jones is higher but the Nasdaq 100 is not taking any chances

Earlier today all three major US stock market indexes opened higher. The Dow Jones commenced live trade at 34,575 (previous close 34,517) and it has not really looked back, rising to as high as 34,776 a short while ago. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq 100 which also opened higher, at 15,225 (previous close 15,191) has been more cautious it would seem. The index only managed to make it to 15,245 so far and it has been falling for most of the session since, setting a low earlier at 15,147. It is off that low now, but tech is still underperforming the stocks in the Dow and the broader market. This might all change when we get the Fed decision, but for the time being the Nasdaq 100 is just now almost unchanged on the day

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