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Dow Jones hands it back as stocks turn lower again on Israel comments

According to the latest news reports which are not confirmed here, the Israeli authorities told US counterparts; that they have no choice but to respond to the weekend attack by Iran. Any opinion here based in pure sanity would tend to disagree with that idea. However, that is not the domain of this author to preside over. So, given this news, those geopolitical nerves are jangling around the markets again it seems and the higher opening for US stocks has now given way almost entirely. The Dow Jones is now tracking back towards 38k and the Nasdaq 100 is not much above 18k. The dollar has benefitted from this though and so has the Yen to a very limited degree as the likes of the GBP/JPY and EUR/JPY pare earlier gains. The Dow Jones earlier reached 38,386. It is now trading at 38,070 

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