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Dow Jones futures off worst levels as European stocks step back

In the previous update focusing on the DAX, the FTSE 100 was noted as rising above 7,630. That was of course a typo. The FTSE 100 was rising above 7,930. Meantime, the rebound in the US futures has now seen the Dow Jones price a slightly higher opening, compared to where it was earlier today. That is now seeing the index set to reopen above 39,450 even as the early gains in the DAX and the FTSE start to dissipate. The Dow closed on Friday at 39,475. In terms of cash trading, when that resumes, the first potential resistance level could be at 39,529. To understand why that might be, please refer to the first update published here today. One thing to note about today, is the lack of US economic releases of any note. There is a major release due out later this week, on Friday and that is the latest PCE (Personal Consumption Expenditure) report. Despite the European markets being closed that day, Quick News will be on hand to cover that release, at 12.30pm GMT. 

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