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Dow Jones futures turn red as Nasdaq 100 refuses to bounce

Earlier today the Dow Jones futures were pricing a reopening above 36k. The highest indication was around 36,035, but that was much earlier this morning. Since then the Dow futures have fallen back and currently they are actually indicating a lower opening in around 20 minutes. The fact that the Nasdaq 100 futures have also dropped back again seems to be weighing on the Dow, despite the huge divergence seen yesterday in live trading. Maybe that was just stretching things too far? Well, in any event the Nasdaq 100 futures are now below 15,900 having rejected any attempt to rise above 16k earlier today. Of course whatever immediate price action unfolds at 2.30pm GMT, that might not matter when the US ISM data hits the screens at 3pm GMT. That seems to the game in town as far as the US equity markets are concerned on this first day of the new month. The Dow Jones closed last night at 35,950. It is currently priced to reopen at around 35,915 

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