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Dow Jones futures still in the red as early US players return

The wider US markets are now underway as early players return to their desks to start the new week. The European stock markets are not much changed over the past couple of hours and the DAX is currently hovering just above 16,400, as the FTSE idles just short of 7,500. The Dow Jones futures have been in the red for the entire European session today. As mentioned here earlier, the index was the best performer amongst the US majors on Friday, closing 294 points higher, at 36,245. The index also rose to a new 2023 high on Friday, when it topped out ahead of the close, at 36,264. It is set to open lower this afternoon though and it remains to be seen if the current bull run will see a more pronounced correction ahead of the US jobs report on Friday. The one thing that might be keeping the index future subdued so far today is the rebound in US yields. The Dow Jones futures are currently pricing a reopening at around 36,150

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