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Dow Jones futures slightly in the red this morning

The Dow Jones will not reopen for live trading later today, but if it were to do so, then the current indication would suggest it would be a lower opening later on. Yesterday the Dow Jones managed to forge out a slightly higher close, but that trailed the record gains in the S+P 500. The Dow closed just 56 points higher, as it continued to diverge away from the records in the Nasdaq 100 and the S+P. Of course this is all about tech and that does not include most of the stocks in the Dow. Even the two tech titans (MSFT and AAPL) within the 30 Dow stocks are not sufficiently weighted to have the same impact they have across the other indexes. Of course were NVDA (now the largest company in the word by market cap) in the Dow it would surely be a different story. The Dow Jones closed yesterday at 38,834 and it is currently priced to reopen tomorrow at around 38,800

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