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Dow Jones futures rise above 37,750 as US Q4 reporting season gets underway

The Dow Jones futures are lifting now, as the US Q4 reporting season is set to kick off later today., Following the higher European stock market opening this morning, the Dow Jones futures have now risen back above 37,750. The gains are being driven by the European markets it seems, but later on they could come more into their own. That is because we have some heavyweight banking and other names due to kick off the US Q4 earnings reports later this morning. The names that stand out there are as follows- United Health (UNH), which is the biggest stock in the Dow Jones by weight- at 10.55am GMT. Then at 11.15am GMT we get results from BlackRock (not a Dow component). At 11.45am GMT comes Bank of America (also not a Dow component), followed by Wells Fargo at 11.55am GMT and later Citigroup, at 1pm GMT. Although those last two are also not Dow components they can have an impact. However, the really big Dow Jones name of note reporting from the Banking sector today is JP Morgan (JPM) at 12pm GMT. JP Morgan was the standout performer within its sector in 2023 and so the markets will be very keen to see how they report their Q4r earnings later today. 

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