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Dow Jones futures in the red now today

Yesterday, as noted here in an earlier update, the Dow Jones was the worst performing major stock market index. The Dow closed 274 point lower, at 38,380, but that close was quite a bit above the earlier session low at 38,220. Overnight the rise in the Chinese markets and then higher opening for Europe this morning did help to slightly lift the opening outlook for the Dow Jones this afternoon. However, that opening outlook was not that much above where it closed last night and since then the price of the Dow Jones future has fallen back. It is now pricing the opening at below 38,300. That outlook might change over the next few hours before live trading resumes, but for the time being the outlook is negative and clearly being driven by a rebound in US treasury yields this morning, from their earlier session lows. The Dow Jones is currently priced to reopen at around 38,285

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