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Dow Jones futures in the red this morning as Europe struggles to gain momentum

The European stock markets have not long reopened and generally speaking it has been a rather underwhelming start to the week. The DAX is hovering just above 16k, but not making any headway yet in early trade, neither is the FTSE 100. The US futures are all still in the red, but the Nasdaq 100 futures are off their lows now. The Dow Jones future is still in the red though, after the index closed on Friday at 35,390, further extending its rise above 35k. The Dow was the best performing US benchmark on Friday and that was the case a few times last week too. However, the futures are still indicating a lower opening for later today and there is not much to shout about on the US economic release calendar later. The Dow Jones is currently being priced to reopen at around 35,340

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