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Dow Jones futures rebound after Powell sends US stocks to a lower close

All the major US stock markets closed in the red last night. The Dow Jones reversed an earlier, opening gain to 34,167 after reopening at 34,163. So, as you can see it was already falling back immediately after the opening, as was noted here at the time. Well, that failure to capitalise was dealt a further blow later in the session, as those US yields rose and the Fed boss did stocks no favours with his hawkish comments. So, the Dow Jones fell back to a low at 33,859. It later closed at 33,891, with a loss of 220 points on the session (-0.65%). However, in percentage terms it was not the worst performing index, as that mantle belonged to the Nasdaq 100, with a loss of 0.82% on the session. There will be more to add on that later this morning. Meantime, the Dow Jones futures have rebounded this morning and are currently pricing a reopening (subject to change of course) at  around 33,970 

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