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Dow Jones futures lagging so far today

Yesterday the Dow Jones enjoyed a positive rebound, that saw the index rise by 369 points, to close above 38,500. The high seen was set at 38,522, so as you can see, the index closed almost on that high. However, even as those tech results hit the screens after the close, it was the pre-market share price of Apple that has underperformed amongst those (due to lower forecast iPhone sales in Q1) and that is a Dow Jones component. So, it has impacted the price action on the Dow Jones futures ahead of, and right now as the European stock markets reopen. The lack of traction for the Dow Jones futures is clearly evident and it remains to be seen, if the index can make it to reach a new record high ahead of the weekly close. That all time high remains in place at 38,588. The Dow Jones futures are just now indicating a reopening at around 38,505 

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