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Dow Jones futures holding modest gains so far this morning

Yesterday the major US stock market indexes all closed in the red. The losses were slight though and came as much from further profit-taking it seems, ahead of the looming Thanks Giving holidays. The worst performing index was the Nasdaq 100, with a 0.58% loss on the day. The S+P 500 handed back 0.20% and the Dow Jones closed lower by 0.18%. The Dow Jones had opened lower and not lifted close to the previous day high at 35,227. The high seen was set at 35,118. The had index reopened at 35,104, below the previous close at 35,151. Nevertheless, the Dow remained resolutely above that 35k handle. The low on the session was set at 35,038. It later closed 62 points lower, at 35,088. However, the futures price is currently indicating a higher opening this afternoon and we do have some tier 2 US data to be released before live trading resumes, with the usual weekly jobless claims and latest durable goods orders on the agenda. The markets will be watching the claims number closely though, to see if the recent rising trend there is repeated again in the latest reporting week. The Dow Jones is currently priced to reopen at around 35,135

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