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Dow Jones futures eyeing fresh records this morning

On January 2 the Dow Jones reached a new all time record high at 37,790 . It then dropped back to a low point at 37,249 set earlier this week on January 8. The index lifted close to that record high yesterday, when it topped out at 37,740. I did state yesterday; that the next move could be a rise to above 38k and beyond. Well, overnight the surge in the Nikkei 225 has certainly helped that outlook, but of course we have the US CPI report potentially standing in the way of that later this afternoon. A really benign CPI report could be met with fresh records for the Dow Jones later on, but at the same time the opposite could derail the outlook. Meantime, the Dow Jones futures are higher this morning after the index closed last night at 37,695. In fact the futures have priced a new record opening for later on above 37,790 and right now they are not far below that too.

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