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Dow Jones futures eye opening above 39k this afternoon

The fallout from the lower than forecast US CPI report is having an impact all over the place right now. Of course US stock futures have charged higher and predominantly that seemed to focus on the Nasdaq, but we should not forget the other stock markets and those here in Europe, which are catching a ride on this data too. The DAX has charged above 18,500 and actually above 18,600 just now. The FTSE is rising further above 8,200 and even the CAC 40 is higher now as well. So, the Dow Jones, which failed to make any progress yesterday and closed lower, is now catching up the ground it lost and a lot more to boot. The index is now priced to reopen well above 39k and close to 39,100 just now, remembering it closed last night at 38,747 

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