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Dow Jones futures almost imply a reopening at 40k today

The rise in Chinese stocks today, despite the falls in the Nikkei 225 have helped to push US stock futures higher. It was of course a record closed for the US stock markets on Thursday, but they were not open on Friday. So, the Dow Jones set in place a record monthly close, at 39,807. However, it did not quite make it above the existing all time high (set on March 21) at 39,889. The high seen last Thursday was at 39, 868. The US stock markets will be open later today though and earlier the futures prices came very close to pricing that reopening at, or above 40k. The reader is also reminded, that owing to the clock change now in Europe, that opening will be back to the usual time of 2.30pm GMT. The very important US ISM data will be released at 3pm GMT and that data could shape the price action from that time until the close. One thing also to note here; that the major European stock markets are closed today and so there is no trading on the platform for the likes of the FTSE 100 and the DAX. If they were open though, we would be looking at higher openings this morning. Right now the Dow Jones futures are pricing the reopening at 39,960

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