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Dow Jones in focus with two Tech heavyweights reporting this week

The Dow Jones was the worst performing major US stock market on Friday. That is in relative terms only though, because the index closed higher on the day, ending the week at 38,239, with a gain of 153 points on the session. As noted here earlier this morning, there are a couple a huge tech companies reporting their Q1 results this week. The first is Amazon, after the closing bell tomorrow evening. They are expected to show revenue of around $142.50 billion and an EPS of around $0.83. The second one comes on Thursday at 8.30pm GMT and that is Apple. They are forecast to deliver Q1 revenue of around $90 billion, with an EPS of $1.50. It is also with noting at around 20% of Dow Jones and 30% of S+P 500 companies are also due to report this week, so it is not just about those two companies, but they do figure high on the Radar for the Dow Jones, as they are both components of that index, as well as the Nasdaq 100. The Dow Jones futures are right now still in positive territory this morning, currently pricing a reopening at around 38,290 

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