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Dow Jones fills a technical gap and sets a lower daily close

On Friday an update here noted the potential for the Dow Jones to close a gap on the daily bar charts it had left open when it had reopened above 39k on Thursday. That gap was set at 39,529 and it was later filled after the European close. In fact, the index dropped below that level too, when it reached a session low at 39,469. It did not close much above that low either, when ending the week, 305 points lower on the day, at 39,475. As to whether that modestly weak close will alter the trend is an entirely different matter. Overnight the Nikkei 225 has led Asian markets lower, but not all those markets are in the red today. Irrespective of that, the losses in Japan have weighed on the Dow Jones futures. The Dow is currently priced to open lower, just now at around 39,410

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