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Dow Jones extends higher opening in early trading as dollar remains under pressure

The least biggest surprise of the day would be to see the Dow Jones open higher this afternoon, which of course it has just done. The index reopened officially at 37,225, but in reality you would not have been able to buy any down there. The effective reopening for the likes of you and me was above 37,300. The index extended the opening move to 37,403 so far. The burning question now; is how far will it rebound before another wave of profit based sellers steps in? That is a tough one to answer right now, because the bulls got a pretty significant boost from the US PCE data this afternoon. Besides, it is also possible that any potential, repeat sell-off will come later in the session, as it did yesterday. The index is still under a pretty full head of steam just now though, currently trading at 37,380 

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