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Dow Jones extends gains above 34k but futures in the red this morning

As covered here earlier this morning, it was the Nasdaq 100 that led the higher closes for the US stock markets on Friday. However, that is not to decry the gains seen for the Dow Jones, as it pushed further above 34k into the weekly close. The rise (to a new al time high) in shares of Microsoft (MSFT) clearly lifted the Dow Jones too, as MSFT is also the second largest stock by weight in the Dow. So, the Dow Jones ended the session on Friday, with a gain of 391 points, at 34,283, after reaching 34,310 ahead of the close. The Dow Jones futures have fallen back today through and we do have some extremely important US data out tomorrow. There is nothing of note today. The US October CPI (consumer price index) report will be released at 1.30pm GMT tomorrow and could be a game changer for all the US stock markets and not just the Dow Jones. There will be more to add in between then and now, but the Dow Jones futures are still in the red this morning, currently indicating a reopening at around 34,190 

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