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Dow Jones edges off lower opening today

Yesterday the Dow Jones closed at 39,170. It has not long ago reopened today at 39,139. That modestly lower opening is far from conclusive in  any direction right now and it is still very early in the session. Very shortly, at 2.45pm we get a final revision to the latest US S+P service sector PMI data (expected unchanged at 51.7) and then at 3pm comes the more important ISM service sector index and depending what emerges from that it will shape in a more definitive way the direction for the US stock markets today. At some point the Fed boss, Jerome Powell is due to speak too, so be on the look out for that after 4.10pm GMT, because he could dramatically impact the markets, if he shifts his hitherto rather dovish bias. Meantime, the Dow Jones is currently trading back in the green, right now at around 39,200

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