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Dow Jones currently set to open higher later today

As already mentioned, the European markets are closed today, but the US markets will be open later on. On Friday the Dow Jones did fall back from a high just after the opening, at 37,534 (the index had officially reopened lower at 37,349). The index had closed on Thursday evening at 37,404. The fall extended to set a low at 37,268, but it managed to recoup most of that into the weekly close, when it ended the session ahead of the Christmas break, at 37,385, with a loss of just 18 points on the day. I think we can probably put those moves down to pre-Christmas profit-taking. The Dow futures are in the green this morning though and are currently pricing a reopening at around 37,450. There are some US data releases due out later on, but nothing primary in that sense, with only secondary reports due. There will be more to add on this index and its opening later this afternoon. 

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