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Dow Jones continues to do its own thing as US markets outperform

The Dow Jones set a record close on Friday, at 37,305, after reached a new all time high at 36,347. That close was 56 points higher than the previous record close on Thursday, 37,248 and had traded as low at 37,092 earlier in the session. Despite the opening falls here in Europe this morning, the Dow Jones future never came under pressure and remained in green. The DAX did redound from an earlier session low at 16,668, to above 16,720. The impact of the weaker than expected German IFO index released a few minutes ago may have stalled that rebound for now, but it has not materially impacted the Dow Jones. That is because the Dow Jones and the other major US stock indexes are doing their own thing at the moment and not in the least influenced by the DAX is seems. The Dow Jones futures are just now pricing the opening at around 37,335

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