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Dow Jones backs off from above 35,500 as Nasdaq 100 comes off the boil

The earlier charge higher in US stocks seen after the opening today has now been tempered. The Nasdaq 100 has curbed its enthusiasm after rising to a new 2024 high at 16,166. That has handed back over a 100 points now. The Dow Jones rose to above 35,500 and came pretty close to setting a new 2023 high too, when it rose to 35,517. To remind the reader, the current 2023 high is in place at 35,679. The index reopened today at 35,436, after closing last night at 34,416. It has since dropped back towards 34,450, but it is just now edging back close to that 35,500 mark once more. Increasingly both these indexes are looking a little overcooked coming into the end of the month 

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