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Dow futures push past 38,550 as FTSE 100 finally reaches a new record

Since the last update the European stock markets and US futures have advanced further against the backdrop of a dollar that is weaker versus Europe. The FTSE 100 has now finally taken out the 8,200 and hit a new all time high just above 8,210 a short while ago. The DAX is above 18k now too and the Dow Jones is rising further above 38,500. The index closed last night at 38,225 ahead of the results from Apple. That stock is now more than $10 higher in the premarket this morning and that is helping to propel the Dow Jones futures. We know the US stock market futures could be impacted by the US jobs report at 12.30pm GMT, but also after the opening, when the ISM service sector data arrives. To provide some insight on what is expected there, the markets anticipate a higher reading, of around 52, compared to the prior 51.4 count. The prices paid will be a key factor too. Those are forecast to rise to 55, from 53.4. This data has the power to derail the dovish comments from the Fed boss earlier this week and could impact the Dow Jones and whether or not this rebound is extended further, or brought to an abrupt end. 

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