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Dollar slips into the US opening as DAX and CAC lead European stock advance

The earlier noted gains in US treasury yields earlier today have now edged a little off earlier highs. So, the dollar is edging a little lower now and off earlier session highs heading into the US stock market opening. That has seemingly helped to push the US equity futures a little higher as the European stock markets advance further. The DAX has now lifted above the 18,300 handle and the FTSE 100 is backing up towards 7,950 and well above the lows seen earlier today, when it had another look below 7,900. Of course this might all chop and change again this afternoon. Gold is coming under a slight degree of pressure right now and the only reason that can be found here for that would perhaps rest with a degree of less heightened risk aversion out there just now, which might be forcing some profit-taking 

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