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Dollar kicks off Q2 with a bang-check out the EUR/USD right now

The gains in the dollar resultant from the much better than forecast ISM data yesterday have not yet been pared back this morning. In fact, if anything it is the other way around. So, the dollar has certainly kicked off  Q2 off with bang and that is adding fresh downside pressure on the EUR/USD. The Dollar index has reclaimed the 105 handle at the same time too. So, the EUR/USD is on session lows right now and under further pressure this morning. The previously noted next level is now clearly in sight and that is the low seen on February 14, at 1.0695. This level was mentioned here before in prior updates and remains the next potential support level of any note. The range seen in the EUR/USD so far today has been covered by 1.0725 to 1.0745. It is just now trading at 1.0726

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