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Dollar index (USDX) still holding most of its rebound gains this morning

Yesterday the further slide in the wider dollar delivered a fall to a low at 100.61 in the dollar index, as it further extended it break below 101.42.  That low point was just above the July 27 low at 100.55, That low yesterday also coincided with a rise to 1.1139 in the EUR/USD. So, of course, as the Euro fell back later in the day, the Dollar index rebounded, but it stalled short of reclaiming that 101.42 prior breakdown level. The high seen ahead of the US close was set at 101.297. It has traded lower since then, falling to a low so far today at 101.09, but overall the rebound from yesterday is still largely intact . Of course it is not out of the woods yet and ideally needs to clear back above that 101.42 level on a sustained basis. The Dollar index is just now rising back above 101.15 

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