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Dollar index (USDX) still in the dog house at the start of the week

There has been no rebound for the dollar so far today, but of course the day is yet young. However, the positive close on the EUR/USD on Friday and further drop back in the USD/JPY today are not helping the USD index  (USDX) one bit. The index was not able to reclaim the 105 handle on Friday, or even close to it for that matter. The index closed below 104, at 103.91 and it has fallen back further so far today, after not making it back above that 104 handle (103.97 the high). The low seen so far has been set at 103.53. The looming US Thanks Giving holidays are not helping traction either and it neither are US yields. As noted here earlier today, the fact that US yields did not back off could have helped the dollar more on Friday and even again today, but that has not materialised. So, it seems the knives are out for the US currency at the moment and the calendar is not helping matters right now either. 

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