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Dollar index (USDX) steady in mid range for the time being

The Dollar index (USDX) is holding its ground so far today. The index closed in the US last night at 102.57. It has traded a range so far today covered by 102.36 to 102.64. The index is being supported by Yen weakness and a lack of any dynamic traction in the EUR/USD. That can soon change though, but as noted here yesterday the 102-103 range is holding firm and will probably continue to do so until we see what the US CPI data has to throw at it tomorrow. This will be my last update here until later this afternoon and after the 4pm London Fix. This is due to further technical issues that need to be resolved this afternoon. Meantime, the Dollar is steady and awaiting further developments. The dollar index is currently trading at 102.46 

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