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Dollar index (USDX) extends rebound this morning

Yesterday the dollar index (USDX) topped out at 102.62 early in the European session. The drop back from that high extended to a low at 102.07, literally just after the 4pm London Fix. The index did then rebound into the US close, where it ended the session at 102.20. It has rebounded further today, rising to above 102.43 so far. The gain comes as the EUR/USD drifts back to a session low, right now at 1.0931. The gain today has once again lifted the index above its 21 day moving average, in place right now at 102.34. Overall though, the price action remains pretty pivotal in between 102 and 103 and it might have to wait for the US CPI report on Thursday to deliver something outside of that range. That is unless some fresh significant news emerges beforehand

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