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Dollar index (USDX) comes unstuck as Euro and Yen gain

The dollar has fallen quite sharply in more recent trading and that has certainly shaken the EUR/USD into something of a more dynamic move. The EUR/USD has just lifted to session highs around 1.0985. The USD/JPY has just tested that 200 day moving average too. In fact it is now falling below that level and the combination of those moves has allowed the GBP/USD to hit a session high at 1.2675. The low print on the USD/JPY a moment ago has been set at 142.65, which means it might have already tripped some stops below 142.72. The impact of that and the rise in the EUR/USD has sent the USD index down to below the low point seen yesterday, at 102.15. The index is now threatening the 102 handle

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