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Dollar index still on the front foot as month end looms

As I have been absent from the markets over the past 7 trading days, I do not yet have any insights on potential month end re-balancing for the dollar. If I do find out what some of the models are forecasting today, that information will be relayed to you. Irrespective of that, of course the dollar is very much in focus this week, with the Fed monetary policy decision on Wednesday evening and the monthly jobs report on Friday afternoon. Meantime, the US currency is still holding its gains overall since the back end of last week. The USD index (USDX) closed on Friday at 103.43. It has traded a range today, covered so far by 103.41 to 103.56. Hence, we are not much changed so far this morning, but the dollar is not yet backing away into the month end and the EUR/USD is under a degree of downside pressure in trading so far this morning. That is underpinning the USD index for the time being 

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